Saturday, June 1, 2013

Picnic Park Pictures

Day 54: After a long hiatus, I thought I might like to do some more art creating. Today has been a long day already and it's only 2:17 in the afternoon. Some lil' punk got up SUPER early and everything's been slightly wonky ever since.

We finally made it to a local park that, because it is on the opposite side of the county from our home, we rarely enjoy. I could have taken the easy way out and gone to the dam area that's only 5.5 miles from our house but I opted for the cross-county trek, replete with gas station, grocery store and Starbucks stops. All I have to say is, thank goodness for Maps on the iPhone! I've always been good at navigating but with my level of frustration already near hyper-boiling, the app was a handy dandy thing to have. 

Now that I'm properly fed and caffeinated, I'm happy to report that this was a lovely place to picnic and give the boys a chance to pitch rocks in the lake while I photographed the scenery. Ét voilà, here are the results.

Friday, March 23, 2012


Day 53 - Spindle creation and spinning my own yarn.

You may have noticed a conspicuous absence of posts. Or not. But I was stuck mid-point on a project. I suppose I could have posted the steps as I went along but I really was just frustrated and working through the process silently.

I can now report that I have not only made my very own top whorl drop spindle (utilizing a free PDF from Spinning Daily), but I've also spun my very first skein of yarn from pre-dyed wool roving! I'm so geeked out by my own do-it-yourselfedness that I think I strained my neck patting myself on the back!

Total investment of less than $25 (less than the cost of one skein of handspun yarn and which included purchasing a $6.50 hacksaw) has given me the resources to make FOUR spindles (top or bottom whorl, my choice) and many yards of yarn (quantity dependent on weight of yarn I choose to make).

Projects don't get much more "successful" than this!

Saturday, March 17, 2012


Day 52 - A Necessary Evil

A little project - a cowl to match my favorite hat - sits nearly completed on the island in my kitchen. Problem is: I don't like it. I don't like the shape, which wasn't from a pattern, just something I winged. I don't like the way it lies on my neck. I don't like... Well, ANY part of it. Except the yarn. I absolutely adore the yarn. Probably the first time in a year that I was quite so smitten by some yarn. Any that I actually had in my possession, that is.

So here's where I am: It must be frogged. That's right - completely ripped out so as to start afresh. Probably as a long, thin scarf I stead. I can accept this.

My dilemma is that it was originally wound on a ball-winder from a hank into a center-pull ball and I'd like for it to be in that shape again (instead of in a messy, round, hand-wound ball). I wonder if I can convince the yarn store ladies to rewind it for me as I frog it... Worth a shot, right?!?


Day 51 - Our favorite childhood toys.

My husband is working on a business idea that will drawn on the enjoyable experiences he had as a child of trading Matchbox and Hot Wheels cars. This morning he had me do a couple test shots with my phone because he likes some of the pictures I've posted here and on Facebook of very ordinary objects.

I thought they turned out rather cool!

Fuzzhead Hat

Day 50 - Stress-relief Crocheting

When a toddler transitions from crib to "big boy bed", there are certain challenges inherent to the process. The biggest of which is that they can get up out of it anytime they choose. Which leads to an up-down-up-down dance between said toddler and parents who are ready to have some blissfully child-free time at the end of their day.

After a parent has engaged in the above process on the order of 10+ iterations of the up-down cycle, a certain amount of frustration ensues. When the parent in question happens to be a crocheter with a sizable fiber stash as well as random hooks hiding in her master bedroom closet, after the final "down", you might find the crocheter in the closet working out her grumpiness with the first couple random yarns she encounters. About an hour later, she might emerge with something resembling a very fro-ish football helmet. Don't be frightened - it's better than the unspeakable alternative.


Day 49 - Breakfart (n.) Artistic Breakfast

Food is not just fuel - it can nourish, inspire meditation, and delight... Or harm, destroy and injure. It's up to the eater to languish in unconsciousness or rise above that to an awakened sense of the possibility of a greater value.

My creation this morning is comprised of two cage-free, grain-fed eggs fried in extra virgin coconut oil with grass-fed cheese from New Zealand. Yes, it's on conventional toast and I can't recall whether the veggies sautéed on top were organic on this occasion. Yes, the carbon footprint of the cheese is probably not the greatest (locally-produced would've been better). My point is that I am aware of those things. Aware that eggs from the farmers market this summer will be even more nutritious. Aware that bread I could bake here at home would be artificial preservative-free. And totally delighted with the morning's creation nonetheless because I have put the thought behind it. Plus, it was delicious!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Little Leprechauns

Day 48 - Random Charity Donation

So, I was out of the game most of the weekend. You remember Day 46? Those pretty white flowers? Yeah, they wreaked havoc with my sinuses and I was down for the count.

However, I did come across a post that was requesting children's hats to be donated for a St. Patrick's Day charity. These three little hats were the outcome. I mailed them today, hope they get there before Friday!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Sky Watching

Day 47 - Cloud Formations

On my drive home, I love looking at the sky: the clouds, the blues, the greys, the eye-watering whites, the magnificent golds, reds and oranges.

Last night there were mounting storm clouds through which the sun's rays were making a last, glorious stand before succumbing. It never fails to amaze me the endless shapes, patterns and scenes the sky offers, ever-changing, ever awe-inspiring.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Go with the autofocus flow

Day 46 - My backyard.

Spring has sprung early this year and the two flowering trees in our backyard are wearing their fleeting white veils.

I tried to get close-ups of the delicate blossoms but the autofocus kept focusing in the distance rather than the foreground. After getting frustrated, I took a look at the scene that was available to me. And found that I rather liked it. Then, of course, miraculously, my phone started focusing on the foreground instead.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Identity Crisis

Day 45 - Ice Fissures

Was it just yesterday that I made some noise about only putting crochet on here or some such nonsense? Oh, well...

See, the problem here is that I'm always seeing / finding / making some kind of artistic something. And I can't really help it. Not that I'm apologizing or anything. Heck, this is my blog and I can do whatever I'd like with. Heh heh heh.

Without further waffling, here are the nifty ice fissures I saw in the bottom of my cup while I was at work today. And plan on seeing whatever I feel like posting tomorrow tomorrow... Er... ;)